Wellness & Massages

Take a pause for wellness at Antica Fonte Resort. Upon request, a qualified massage therapist will visit your apartment to provide the requested service.


It is possible to book your massages at the Reception of Antica Fonte Resort.


We advise our guests to book the treatments in advance.


“Sun’s energy” massage: to decontracturate

This massage has decontracturating effects and helps to restore fluidity in the whole body.
Pressing and stretching movements are carried out concentrating on the areas that need it most.
In the Sun massage oils are used with fragrances suited to individual needs.

Total 50 min. - partial 30 min. massage

“Sunmoon” massage for couples

In the Sun Moon the bodies of two persons (couple) are massaged at the same time, placed on two different beds away from one another.
The two operators change over according to requirements to offer the sensation of continuous, pleasurable and balanced alternation.

50 min. massage

“The moon’s reflection” massage: to relax

The purpose of this massage is to relax the body and mind helping to regain balance and vitality.
In the Moon massage every part of the body is treated with delicacy and in this case, too, as in the Sun massage, personalised oils are used.

Total 50 min. - partial 30 min. massage

Shiatsu massage: “to rebalance”

Relaxing, deep and regenerating, this ancient art of massage of Japanese origin uses balanced pressing and other ways of touching on specific points and areas of the body to help the whole system and stimulate dormant or blocked self-healing resources within the individual.

50 min. massage

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a massage technique in which only the receiver’s feet are involved. Each zone corresponds to a part of the body: internal and external. Stimulating specific points it is possible to facilitate the return to a better state of health in the cases of many physical problems.

50 min. massage

Movements in Relax “Pilates, Yoga and Meditation… for everybody”

An hour of simple exercises to relieve body tensions and relax the mind.

1 hour massage

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